Today, a piece of news made Chinese fans feel particularly heavy: Wu Lei was diagnosed with the new crown virus. This news was first exposed by Spanish reporters, and was later officially confirmed by Xinhua News Agency and the Chinese Football Association.


There have been many stars who have played in the five major leagues confirmed to be infected with the new crown virus. Wu Lei is not the first one, let alone the most famous one. The reason why the fans are worried is not only because he is the first Chinese professional player to be diagnosed with infection, but also because he has always been the light of hope in the darkness of Chinese football in recent years.


But this light is now shrouded in a new shadow.


After the news that Wu Lei was diagnosed with the new crown virus came out, there were still a lot of harsh noises in the blessings.


Some people say: Wu Lei is now a Spaniard, you fans know that holding such foreigners.


Some people say: If he is patriotic, why did he go abroad to play football? Don't even think about coming back if you are sick now.


Some people say: Chinese football is so bad and the stars still take so much money. Now the diagnosis is completely deserved.


On some platforms that know little about football, such voices are not just a few, and there are even a lot of brainless likes.


Seeing these words, my mood can only be described by the following expression.


Not to mention that Wu Lei is a 100% Chinese, he just went to a club called "Spaniard" in La Liga. Being able to land in the five major leagues and score goals as a "weak country in football" is just like the idol in some people's mouth can actually land in Hollywood's first-line masterpieces and become the leading actor. It is a thing to be proud of.


What's more, you can complain about all kinds of negative news about Chinese players, but you can't use these words to criticize Wu Lei in general.


Because in him, you can't see those lavish fights, you can only see the following stories.


When he was a teenager, he made bold words on TV shows, saying that he "just want to be a star and hope that his future worth can reach 60 or 70 million US dollars." Even if he is the youngest, shortest and lightest on the team. That, but he still tried his best to train hard and stay away from eating, drinking and having fun, and step by step from the Chongming Island youth training base to the Chinese national team, from the Chinese Super League to the top level of the European league La Liga.


When he was facing a financial crisis in East Asia in Shanghai, Xu Genbao, he took the initiative to send an email to his mentor and said, "The transfer is completely up to you. I hope that our group will work together, even if we come back again." He also publicly stated to the media after the East Asia's success. : "Going to other clubs may earn more, but staying in East Asia is the best choice. Even if you take less money than others, as long as you are at the Super League level, you will be satisfied."


After becoming a domestic first-line star, others couldn't wait to change into the luxury car mansion, but Wu Lei drove a car provided by a sponsor, and was often photographed by fans taking the subway. However, when funding young players and poor children, money really becomes just a number for him. More importantly, in addition to giving money, he also pays special attention to cultivating children's comprehensive guidance in life.


Last July, Wu Lei accompanied the team to the UK to participate in a friendly match. Before the game, he not only fulfilled the wishes of all local Chinese fans who came to receive the wind to sign and take photos, but also took the initiative to remind the fans: "The national flag cannot be signed." This respect for the national flag was praised by domestic fans and the media.


You said, is this a real high-quality idol? Where can those ignorant people spray? Really spray him to play in Spain, is the wings hardened to contribute to others?


It's ridiculous.


Passers-by only know that the Chinese team can't play and you can't play him. What fans most envy is how many people from Japan, South Korea and other Asian football powers can play in the top European leagues. On the one hand, this represents the overall strength of the country's football, on the other hand, how much valuable experience can be learned from competing in the top field.


Before Wu Lei, China's last player to play in the top five leagues was Zhang Chengdong, 1130 days apart.


Before Wu Lei started on behalf of the Spaniard, the last China to start in the five major leagues was Hao Junmin, after 2857 days.


Before Wu Lei scored a goal in Valladolid's game, China's last scorer in the five major leagues was Shao Jiayi, with 3731 days in between.


There are still more than ten years!


Why do you think Wu Lei can be on the hot search every time he scores? Is it simply because the fans can only hold one person? That's because the Chinese fans have been hungry for this kind of news, and even more because of the collective pride that the Chinese can also stand in the five major leagues!


Of course, Wu Lei can play in the five major leagues, behind the background and support of Chinese-funded teams. However, the initial wave of Japanese and Korean players who stayed abroad also came from the strong support of domestic companies. In other words, China used to have capital and power, but is there someone else who can really look at the five major leagues instead of being a mascot to watch the drinking fountain?


After coming to the Spaniard, Wu Lei became the team's main rotation player. Although it is not the core and not many goals, but can still use his forward penetration characteristics to play an extremely important tactical role.


In the last round of last season, after Wu Lei scored his third goal in La Liga to help the Spaniard rush into the European theater, local fans carried him around and cheered. Frontline media of traditional football powers such as Spain’s "Daily Sports" and "World Sports", Britain's "Independence" and France's "Team" have published articles praising Wu Lei.


How long have you not seen such a concentrated positive affirmation of Chinese football or Chinese players from mainstream European society?


Not to mention, Wu Lei scored the first goal of a Chinese player against the Catalan giants in the Spaniards and Barcelona this season, helping the team score an extremely valuable point in the derby.


This goal is like a beam of light, bringing a small but tenacious hope in the overall dark environment of Chinese football.


It is often said that no matter how many goals Wu Lei scores in the Spaniard, it will not help the improvement of Chinese football and the national team.


I can only say that this view is really too one-sided.


Yes, our football environment is very bad, and not many parents are willing to send their children to play football. Wu Lei's goal can only provide direct help for the Spaniards team, it is impossible to improve the environment by himself.


However, every goal and even every wonderful performance made the light of Chinese football in the five major leagues even more dazzling. Just such a little bit, there may be more children falling in love with football, and fewer desperate parents who thought that Chinese football could never stand up.


You can have your own opinion, or feel that Wu Lei cannot play in the five major leagues without Chinese help. You can also have your own attitude and feel that the jokes of those "Catalonia Kings" are too hot-eyed.


But I always feel that facing such a person who could have a super high salary in the well-funded Super League, but went to Spain to pursue his football dreams, and brought more or less confidence and hope to Chinese football. You can dislike it, but you shouldn't be cynic, or even unreasonable abuse.


The news that Wu Lei was diagnosed with the new coronavirus this time was initially reported with typical symptoms such as fever and chest pain. But soon official information confirmed that the symptoms were mild and that he was already receiving treatment.


In European football, Rugani and others are asymptomatic virus infections. If it is really asymptomatic and the lungs are not inflamed, then the recovery from the self-immunity will basically have no effect on exercise capacity and normal life, just like "getting a cold."


Odoi in the Chelsea team was like this before, and now he can start physical training at home.


However, if the symptoms are severe and cause an "inflammatory storm", the damage to the lungs is likely to cause irreversible and serious consequences. As a football sport with high intensity and fierce competition, cardiopulmonary function is absolutely vital.


We all hope that Wu Lei can recover as soon as possible. He has already reported to all Chinese fans who care about him later today. After all, he may be "insignificant" to La Liga, but he is our precious light in the dark.


We firmly believe that this light can penetrate all darkness.