When I was in school, a teacher once asked me: "You like football so much, how can it help you study?"


I proudly said: "At least the geographical results will not be bad!"


that is the truth. When a classmate was standing at the blackboard and looking at the world map and couldn't find Argentina, I could use my years of watching football to accurately point out any country the teacher thought of. Not only that, those cities and regions that sound mouth-watering to passers-by, such as Seville and Serbia, and Catalonia and Scandinavia, are all at their fingertips for fans.


Without the ball to watch today, let us have an interesting football geography lesson: those things about country names.


When it comes to Côte d’Ivoire, what names do you think of?


Drogba, Kalu, the Touré brothers, Gervinho, Aurie, Nicolas Pepe... Can a lot of stars pop up in your mind in an instant? Yes, for current fans, Ivory Coast may be the most familiar African country. There are many stars who have played for European giants here, making the "Elephant Army" a very high profile in the football circle.

德罗巴(Drogba),卡卢(Kalu),图雷兄弟(Tourébrothers),热尔维尼奥(Gervinho),奥里(Aurie),尼古拉斯·佩佩(Nicolas Pepe)...瞬间会闪现出许多星星吗?是的,对于目前的粉丝来说,象牙海岸可能是最熟悉的非洲国家。这里有许多为欧洲巨人效力的球星,这使“大象军”在足球界备受瞩目。

But for older fans, there may still be a name still in their memory: Ivory Coast.


Because Ivory Coast was the official country name of Côte d’Ivoire before 1986, and it was often used by the people in the 1990s.


There is no problem with the name itself, that is, the French translation of their country name Côte (coast) d'Ivoire (ivory), similar to Iceland being translated into Iceland. The specific source is this: At the time of the great geographical discovery, many European colonists casually named many places in Africa and South America using geographical locations, local specialties and even their first impressions.


Except for the Ivory Coast where elephants were once herd, Ghana’s original name was the Gold Coast (Gold Coast) given by the British, and Namibia’s original name was Südwestafrika (Südwestafrika) given by the Germans. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aire. To put it bluntly, the source of Liss is the feeling of the Spanish colonists who just got off the ship: What a fresh air! (Buenos Aires!)

除象牙海岸曾经放牧大象外,加纳的原名是英国人给的黄金海岸(黄金海岸),而纳米比亚的原名是德国人给的南苏丹(Südwestafrika)。阿根廷的首都是布宜诺斯艾利斯。坦率地说,Liss的根源是刚下船的西班牙殖民者的感觉:多么新鲜的空气! (布宜诺斯艾利斯!)

Later, after the countries became independent, many people like Ghana changed their names to get rid of the colonial impression, but there were also people like Ivory Coast who felt calm and self-assured that "everyone is accustomed to it anyway."


Then why was it changed later?


In fact, the name of the country itself has not been changed. What is changed is the translation of the name in other countries. Specifically, it is to allow other countries to change from free translation to transliteration.


The reason for the name change is that free translation has caused extremely confusion in their pronunciation and initials in various languages ​​of various countries, which has brought a lot of unnecessary trouble. So they applied to the United Nations, and since 1986, they have all changed into transliteration in all languages.


Therefore, "Ivory Coast" has become "Côte d'Ivoire" for us.


Another country hoped to change its official translation in China many years later, and then...there was no more.


In March 2018, the official website of the Belarusian Embassy in China published an article titled "Belarus" instead of "Belarus", which caused a huge response on the Chinese Internet.


Why do they want to change the name?


Let's start with "Rose". The origin of this word is very simple. The ancestors of the current Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians are all the Russians. So where did "Russia" come from? This is about to ask Genghis Khan.


In the 13th century, the iron cavalry of the Mongol Empire penetrated Eurasia, and two completely different cultures began to communicate. The word "Ros" came to the Central Plains through the Yuan Dynasty, but because Mongolian cannot start with a consonant, it added a vowel O to become Oros. The term "Russia" was born, and it was completely fixed in the Qing Dynasty.

在13世纪,蒙古帝国的铁骑兵渗透了欧亚大陆亚搏电竞网站,两种完全不同的文化开始传播。 “罗斯”一词通过元代传入中原,但由于蒙古语不能以辅音开头,因此加了元音O成为奥罗斯语。 “俄罗斯”一词由此诞生,并在清代完全固定。

Correspondingly, Russians also use Mongolian translation, and to this day they still call "China" as "Khitan" (Китай).


How did "white" come from? In fact, it was because of Genghis Khan...


The Mongols basically ruled the descendants of the entire Rus nation, and only the westernmost region was spared. Since white is a symbol of independence and freedom in the Russian culture, it began to call that area "Belarus", and correspondingly the area ruled by the Mongol Empire was called "Black Rose".


They are very proud of this white character. For example, the embassy wrote in the article requesting a name change: Many Belarusian and foreign researchers pointed out that the name «Беларусь» (Belarus) has "independent," Freedom does not belong to the shackles of Tatar and Mongolia.


However, as mentioned above, because of the Mongolian translation, Ross became Russia in Chinese, and naturally this Belarus became Belarus.


In short, they are all the pot of Genghis Khan.


Therefore, Belarus wants to remove the "Russian" in the Chinese translation, not to draw a clear line with Russia, but to remove the traces of Mongolian and restore its own translation.


However, this seemingly reasonable request has not been approved by our response. Why is this?


My personal understanding is: very troublesome. It is a historical issue in our country that Ross becomes Russia, and it has long been established by convention. If Belarus is changed to Belarus, then Russia may ask to be renamed to Rus, and Ukraine may want to be renamed to Kievan Rus... Besides, among the descendants of the Russian people, isn’t it still called "Khitan"?

我个人的理解是:非常麻烦。罗斯成为俄罗斯在我们国家是一个历史问题,并且长期以来一直由惯例确立。如果将白俄罗斯更改为白俄罗斯,那么俄罗斯可能会要求将其重命名为Rus,乌克兰可能会希望将其重命名为Kievan Rus。此外,在俄罗斯人民的后代中,它仍然被称为“契丹”吗?

Therefore, Hleb is expected to be a Belarusian football star for a lifetime.


Last year, there was also a news about "country name change" that generated a lot of traffic, that is: starting from January 2020, the name "Netherlands" will be deactivated, and the official name "Netherlands" will be used uniformly. . This is part of the Dutch government's reshaping of the country's image and is expected to cost up to 2.2 billion US dollars.

去年,还有一个有关“国家名称更改”的新闻,该消息产生了大量流量,即:从2020年1月开始,将停用“荷兰”名称,并将统一使用“荷兰”官方名称。 。这是荷兰政府重塑国家形象的一部分,预计将耗资22亿美元。

As soon as the news came out, people exclaimed: Now the Dutch Three Musketeers are about to become the Netherlands Three Musketeers, oh right? The flying Dutchman is about to become a flying Dutchman? Our Henan brothers finally don’t need to introduce their hometown when highlighting that they are not foreigners?


However, it is now 2020. Has anyone seen the word "Netherlands" stopped?


The above article is actually just a fake news that is a gimmick out of context. The truth is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands allocated 200,000 euros to change Holland in the external use logo to Netherlands, and it did not mean that Holland (the Netherlands) was completely forcibly suspended.


Why should it be changed?


Because Holland (Netherlands) strictly refers to two of the country's 12 provinces: North Holland and South Holland. These two provinces have the largest domestic cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. They are also the economic, political and cultural centers of the country, and they are the core of the kingdom in history.


And Netherlands (Netherlands) is the official official English abbreviation of this country, and the full Dutch name is Koninkrijk der Nederlanden.

荷兰(荷兰)是该国家的官方官方英语缩写,荷兰语全名是Koninkrijk der Nederlanden。

In other words, it is not accurate to use the Netherlands to refer to the Netherlands. It is somewhat similar to using England to refer to the United Kingdom. This change of the Dutch Tourism Board is to better recommend the entire country's brand to the world, so that more tourists are willing to go to places other than the two Dutch provinces.




This is just book knowledge that traces its roots. In reality, it has long since become a universal understanding of "Netherlands = the entire country of the Netherlands" because of conventions. And this convention is not only in China, but also in many other countries.


For example, the Spanish mentioned that this country is generally called Holanda, the Turks also call it Hollanda, and the French use the paraphrase to call the Netherlands les Pays-Bas, which is the original meaning of the Netherlands in Dutch.

例如,西班牙人提到这个国家通常被称为Holanda,土耳其人也称它为Hollanda,而法国人用这种措辞来称呼荷兰les Pays-Bas,这就是荷兰在荷兰语中的原始含义。

The following ghost ship, the most famous ghost ship in the world, was originally called De Vliegende Hollander and will not be changed to a flying Dutchman.


And the following koi on the World Cup in Brazil, he was born in Rotterdam, South Holland, and he is truly a Dutch. Therefore, there is no need to change to "Flying Netherlands".


More importantly, such a name change requires great determination and more money to complete this grand project involving all walks of life and change the long-established understanding of several countries.


Otherwise, we can only repeat the mistakes of Belarus.


"Call me the Netherlands!"


"Okay, Holland."